Best Tips For Passive Job Seekers
Best Tips For Passive Job Seekers

You should always be active and well prepared for the new job, it does not matter whether you are currently employed or not. Many of you must be thinking if already employed then why to search for a new job. Well, there can be many reasons, which we will discuss in this write-up. Let us get the tips for passive job seekers.

There is always a possibility that you are employed, and you cherish your job; you don’t even think of looking out another job or position. It may be possible that you’re sufficiently fortunate to have a job, you wouldn’t ever consider quitting, but you should be well prepared to move on. There are likewise reasons that it can bode well to leave a place of employment you cherish.

One of the reason can be there are many companies and organization which lay-off their workers or employees because of financial reasons. Or, changes in management and administration, you could get another boss or manager who isn’t as great to work for as your old manager, or your conditions could change, and you may need to look for another employment.


Definition Of  Active Job Searching

Active job seeking happens when somebody is unemployed and currently need to have a new job position. Active job searchers post their resume on job boards and look and apply for employment. Moreover, active job searchers who are effectively looking for employment utilize social media platforms like – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networking websites, and apps to broaden their search for the new job.

Active job searchers likewise use their network and connections, go to job fairs and industry and career-related events, in addition to that they also contact associations, companions, and relatives about potential openings for work. An active job searcher may likewise contact a recruiting agency or send letters to relevant and specific employers related to their fields.


Definition Of Passive Job Searching

The passive job searching happens when the individual is already employed or working with some company, and still searching and open to another employment or job opportunities. But the individual is not actively involved in the process of the job search or apply to specific positions. In most of the times in passive job seeking the individual does not apply for the jobs or contact the employers or specific companies, instead of that, he waits for the employer to contact him.

It’s a decent model to take after because you will always be prepared and ready for the pursuit of employment at any given moment. In the event, if the situation arises for the job search, it’s speedy and simple to transform a passive job search into an active quest for new employment, and you’ll always be ready.

  • Passive job seekers always use to update their resume and their profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn, and in addition to that always busy in casual networking with colleagues, friends and other individuals working at other companies, but related to their field of interest.
  • Passive job searchers may likewise set up job alerts on various job boards and make their account on job search websites and social media networking platforms, for example, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.


Why Being Prepared For Job Search Is Important

Even if at the current scenario you are not in need of the job, but in case a situation arises you should be able to switch on yourself in active job search mode quickly, and as you are already prepared with many things, you will not find it difficult to have another job. It’s significantly simpler to arrange the materials and documents required for the job application.

In addition to that, you won’t find it difficult to look out for the employment and opportunities in your field and knowing the pay scale. As you were already busy in the job search passively, you don’t have to start everything from scratch if the situation arises, which will make the things much easier for you.


Top Tips For The Passive Job Seekers

Passive job searchers who put a little time into staying pursuit of employment prepared will save a significant amount of time and stress, getting up to speed when they have to quest for new jobs. Below you will find more tips for passive job seekers.


#Always Be Active On The LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile should be complete having all the details about your – qualification, experience in the relevant field, volunteering, extra skills and certifications, and many other required things. Your LinkedIn Profile is the online adaptation of your resume, so always keep on updating it as per your career progression and gathered Skills and certifications. In case you want to know about how to update the LinkedIn profile go through our previous article on the updating LinkedIn profile.

One you have to update your LinkedIn profile, connect it with the individuals you know, your former colleagues and employers and all your professional contacts. The most important thing while connecting our profile is that don’t just connect it with anyone randomly, just connect it with those individuals whom you feel can help you out in the progress of your career.

You can also connect your profile to job-related LinkedIn groups. You can find many groups on LinkedIn which can be relevant to you for finding a job or in your career progression; these groups can be – job search groups, alumni groups, university groups, company groups, and networking groups.

These groups are more helpful to find the information about the job search advice, networking contacts, and job postings. Since you’re not actively work seeking, set the email alerts for each Group on a weekly basis, so you aren’t covered in the piles of messages, which makes you unable to read every message.


#Compose Recommendations

It is always good if you can help others. It is a good idea to recommend some of your connections on the LinkedIn. Which will result in many recommendations for you in return, as who will not support you if you have recommended them? Those recommendations appear on your Profile, and they are a reference ahead of time to a potential employer.


#Create A Career Related Network

It is not advisable to spend a lot of your significant time in networking, but yes always keep on adding the new connection to your network, which is relevant to your field and career. The greater and relevant will be your network, there will create more opportunities for you to find the new job easier when you start searching for it.


#Remain Connected To Your Network

Not only make and build the network and then forget about it. It’s essential for your network to know that you are active and available when required. Keep posting and updating the status on Facebook, tweet occasionally posts interesting and engaging links on your social media platforms.

In case you own a blog or personal website that is a good fit for your professional network to read, you can always link it with your social networking platforms. That way your pages will be current and updated without you doing much work.

One in a week you can send messages to your connections and network about how they are doing and how their career is progressing. Keeping in contact helps your network to remember your identity and demonstrates that you think about how they are getting along. In case you’re intrigued and connected with, your contacts will probably give you help if and when you require it.

With the connections, you are sufficiently amicable with to meet face to face, have a tea or espresso or lunch sometimes. In this way, you can always tap your social media contacts when you are looking for any job.


#Take Advantage Of Social Networking

There are also many social media platforms available online; you can always benefit from them. The days when Facebook was utilized for individual systems administration are no more.

Set up Twitter and Google+ accounts, also, and utilize them to grow your base of contacts and network. You can always learn how to make contacts on these social media platforms and get much information about them in digital marketing and social media articles on our website.

The more robust and efficient will be your social presence and network, the more probable you are to be tapped by organizations utilizing social selecting to discover contender for work.


#Explore Out Companies

You must be having the organization or company in mind with which you want to work, or even you must be having a job which is very close to your heart. It’s dependably an intelligent thought to have a list of organizations and companies you like to work with as well as a list of your dream jobs.

Have a list of target organizations prepared and looked at the organization website sometimes so that you can always get updated with the latest news, and check out what are the job openings available in those organizations.


#Check Job Listings

Once in a week start seeking for the jobs on various job search engines which are the close match to your skills, qualifications, and expertise, you can also search out for the job as per their job title, location and your field of specialization. It will enable you to go through the list of employment which is the close match with your skills and qualifications. In this way, you will always be updated with the kind of job openings, pay scale and what are the locations of these jobs.

#Keep Updating Your Resume

It is always advisable to have your updated resume well prepared with you. Every time you switch your job or your educational status changes, refresh your resume. If you do some vocational or part-time jobs, or even enhanced any skills, it should be included in your resume immediately. In this way, you will always have your updated resume with you, and you will be well prepared whenever it is required.

Compose cover letter draft for work that is a close match to your skill sets and expertise. You’ll have a format prepared to customize when you are prepared to apply for employment.


#Always Keep Yourself Ready For The Interview

Try not to utilize all your accumulated holidays or individual leave time unless you need to. Keep some for possible later use, so that you can always take out some time or days of your current work for the interviews, and you can make use of every opportunity that comes to your way.

Always keep ready the interview outfit with you, so that you don’t need to scramble at the last moment. In the same way, always keep ready all the employment references with you. Most of the organizations or companies require references alongside a resume and cover letter as an important component of the application procedure.

#Keep Repeating The Above Steps

In every few weeks or months, you can go through all the above steps so that you can check how your passive work seeking is going on. Are you able to develop your LinkedIn connection or other social media networks?

Are you contacting some of your contacts and networks on a regular basis or not. Do you have the idea which types of jobs are available for the current situation and how far you are a match for those jobs? Are your current skills, qualifications, expertise is good enough to land on those jobs? Is it true that you are prepared for an interview in the case that you get an offer from an employer or companies?

The more you keep yourself prepared for the job it will be more easier for you to get the job when you required it. So, it is a good idea to be a passive job searcher, and in this way, you will always keep yourself updated with latest job trends, openings, and in the same way able to keep yourself prepared for the interview and can move to a new job when required.


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