Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert
Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert

If you want to achieve the batch of Azure Solutions Architect Expert then you need to clear two exams AZ-300 and AZ-301. Az-302 exam if you have already cleared Exam 70-535.

How Skills Measures in exams?

To achieve the batch of Azure Solution Architect Expert you need to accomplish all the technical task for both exams as listed below. Every topic listed below is with the percentage. Higher the percentage, more weight that topic covers and you will see a higher number of question-related to that topic.

Learning Preparation for AZ-300 Certification

  1. Configure and Deploy Infrastructure. (25-30%)
  2. Implement Workloads & Security. (20-25%)
  3. Create & Deploy Apps. (05-10%)
  4. Implement Authentication and Secure Data. (05-10%)
  5. Develop for the Cloud. (20-25%)

Learning Preparation for AZ-301 Certification

  1. Design for Identity and Security. (20-25%)
  2. Determine Workload Requirments. (10-15%)
  3. Design an Infrastructure Strategy. (15-20%)
  4. Design for Deployment, Migration, & Integration. (10-15%)
  5. Design a Business Continuity Strategy. (15-20%)
  6. Design a Data Platform Solutions. (15-20%)


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