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When you are seeking for various job opportunities in different related industries and companies, you need to provide your prospective employers with the complete details of your resume, skills, expertise and your experience in the related industry or field. You get the job, and you are perusing your career in your industry of knowledge, and then suddenly the time comes when you need to resign from your job or have to change the job.

Of course, there can be various reasons why you want to resign from your current job or employment, but whatever may be the reason you need to provide your employer with the resignation letter or even resignation email if you are working remotely with the company.

In this series of resignation letters and emails, we have provided you with all kind of resignation letters and emails, which are covering every circumstance which you can ever imagine. Resignation because of shifting to resignation because of change in an industry. Resignation because of voluntary retirement to resignation because of retirement. Resignation because of higher education or resignation because of not proper work culture in the company.

There are so many reasons when the time comes that the employee or worker needs to resign from the particular job or employment. In this segment of resignation letters and emails, we have tried to cover all the aspect which can lead you to resign from your job. You can always follow these resignation letters and emails samples for your guidance and edit as per your particular situation and circumstances.

We really feel that our efforts to provide you with the various kind of resignation letters and emails will guide you to write your own and you will able to resign from your job employment gracefully. We appreciate your efforts to go through these various resignation letters and emails.