So, when you seek the advice of these financial advisors, of course, you have to pay some fees to them and fees may vary and the way you can pay them can also vary from person to person. How to find out the cost of hiring a financial planner?

Many times it may happen that while making your retirement portfolio you have done all your research, got the basics of investments in few fields but still you are not confident what to do and what not to.

Here come the financial advisors who will help you out and make you confident for particular investments, how much to rely on these advisors is a different topic of discussion, but here we are talking about financial advisors who will help you with their quality advice and have the good return on your investments.

Some advisors may make you pay their fees in the form of commissions, some may be having their hourly rate, and it may also be possible that some may charge you with come percentage as per the value of your account.

In this article, we will discuss the most common methods these financial advisors can apply charge their fees.

  • Commissions can be paid to them for the products in the form of financial and insurance which you buy from them.
  • For the assets they are managing for you can ask for the percentages of that particular portfolio, these percentage can vary up to 3% yearly, in case you have larger portfolio or asset regarding the amount the fees can be lowered.
  • You can even be charged with the combination of fees and commissions which are called “fee-based” sometimes.
  • Pre-decided fees can be charged to complete the particular project or specified task, this way of charging is also called ‘flat fees.’
  • You can also be charged in the hourly rate.
  • Yearly or Quarterly fees can also be charged.


Below you will come to know each way of financial advisors fees in details:

Fees In The Form of Commissions

It is usually the basic and most prevailed way you will be charged for the services taken from a financial advisor.

But you should keep in mind that most of the financial advisors are just selling their products and can have their fees in the form of commissions so, here you need to analyze who is seriously a good financial advisor and who is just selling his products to get the related commissions and acting like a salesperson.

In this type, the advice given to you can be influenced in the way they are being compensated.

Sometimes commissions can be charged in the form of “front-end sales load” when dealing in mutual funds, commissions can be paid directly or surrender charges on the various annuity to the advisor through investment companies or organizations, as it also happens in the sale of many non-publicly traded REITs.

It’s your responsibility to be clear for these commissions and have a proper understanding of how your advisor will be paid and how much they will earn in the form of commissions when you buy recommended insurance and financial products by them.


Percentage As Per The Value of Your Account

It is also most prevailed and common method in which you will be charged for the services made by financial or investment advisor for you.

Before hiring the financial advisor, you need to have a proper understanding which services they are providing, whether it is investment management with financial planning or just investment management, as you are paying them the percentages of the total value of your account.

It can understand that if they are proving you with their full services like investment management with financial planning the fees will be higher.

When you are paying in which way you also make it clear from them whether it is fee-only or fee-based financial advice you are getting.

The advisors who are applying fee-only method will usually manage your account with low-cost funds, which resulted in low overall expenses for your account. Fee-based advisors are those who will manage to get additional commissions, and also the percentages of the value of your account.

With the growing value of your account, the fees which you are going to pay the advisor in the form percentage will also rise as agreed upon as per agreement and in this way, your financial advisor can earn more money.

Likewise, if your account value gets lowered, you need to pay them low fees and your advisor will have to manage with low fees.

But this way also gives you the assurance that you will have good advice from your advisor as it is also affecting their fees and they will try to grow the value of your account and far more chances of minimizing the losses incurred.

Many people appreciate this way of paying fees to a financial advisor as they get paid directly from your account.

You don’t need to write the check in matter of every few months or every month. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your monthly budget as fees are coming out directly from your investment account.

Usually, asset management fee can range between 2% at its higher side to about .50% at its downside, and the larger will become the asset in your account lower will be the fees.

Some advisors have come up with many interesting variations in this type of fees structure as they will charge you with the net worth percentages or in other cases percentages of adjusted gross income where they aim to boost your income through career counseling.

You can do your online search in the ‘search engines for advisor’ to know the payment criteria of these financial advisors and match up with your specific condition and comfort.


Payment Including both Fees and Commissions

Now a day’s many advisors have started getting pain in the combination of fees and commissions both, and they have coined the term – “fee-based” for such type of payment.

Before hiring the financial advisor, you should have a clear understanding between “fee-only” advisors and “fee-based” advisor as “fee-only” advisor usually don’t need to pay in the form of commissions.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisor or NAPFA designed their “fee-only” logo which is also copyrighted, and the members of NAPFA should present the documents to the clients, and they should also take an oath or guarantee you that they will not sell you any investment or insurance products.

If you are looking for “fee-only” financial advisor or investment advisor NAPFA is the place which can be a numerous help for you to find such advisors.


Payment in the Form of – “Flat Fee” to Complete Assigned Project

When you are planning for not that terrible investment or planning for having a basic retirement plan you can opt to have flat fee option and can hire financial advisor as per your specific requirement.

The advisor can also get to the insight with all the related moving parts and make you understand about basic retirement investments so that you can have accurate retirement plan projection.

You also need to understand when you are opting for the flat fee you don’t need to pay for any value of investments or income generated by any particular investment, so this can ensure you that you will accept the proper advice which can help you to reach your objective.

You, financial advisor, should mention you the fee at the beginning and what will be the services covered in that particular fees. You should get clearance from your advisor whether follow-up meetings and questions can be included in those particular fees.


Hourly Rate Payment Option

If you know the basics of investment and have knowledge of some techniques for designing investment plans, then the hourly payment mode can be a suitable option for you.

If you are having your 401(k) account, you can seek advice from the financial experts to brief you how you can implement and allocate investments in your account, and you can have hourly advice from them.

Once you got yourself with the needful advice, you can yourself implement what is needed to be done in your account.

Hourly rate is not connected with any value of your investments neither related to the income generated by any financial purchase or insurance you can feel assured and confident that you will get the good advice to solve the particular objective.

One thing you should understand that hourly advice rates will vary from person to person (financial planner) just same as the case it gets varies when you seek the professional advice from doctors, advocates, etc. who are experts in their field. If the financial advisor is new, and not having much experience the hourly advice rates will be low.

‘Garrett Planning Network’ is one such platform where you can find the financial advisor who charges as per hourly rate for providing their advice, this platform offers search service where you can find these financial experts. So, et connected to their network and hire an hourly financial expert for you.


Retainer Fee

If you are undergoing in a situation where you have many businesses to handle besides that ongoing stock options business owned by you have rental properties, and you seek regular income for the investments which you have made, then you need current financial services and advice.

Then only you can be benefited to have good returns in this complicated situation.

In this case, also the retainer fees are not included for the value of investments, or on the income generated by any purchase you can feel confident that you will have objective advice.

You, financial advisor, will learn your specific complex situation and understand your goals and make a plan for you accordingly and then will inform you about his specific quarterly or yearly fees. You should make sure what services will include in fees and can also have written the contract which specifies the fees and services.

In this way, you will be sure about the exact expenses coming your way for the specified services you are getting, and this is very important step otherwise it will lead to misunderstanding in future and will unnecessarily exhaust your time, energy and money.

Below you will find the ways which will make you informed how your financial advisor is being got paid and you should have this information with you when you hire yourself a financial advisor.

You should always ask your financial advisor and get the clear information and explanation about how you can compensate them before they start working with you or before you hire them.

This questions you should always need to ask your potential financial advisor or expert so that you won’t have any confusion in the future and ruin the professional relationship.

Before you are going to hire financial advice or expert, always opt for an honest, straightforward and helpful advisor and keep yourself away from those who are making impractical plans for you.

Avoiding your questions or giving you false confidence and telling you that some are free services included, they are just being a salesman and just selling their financial products and services and with due course of time will not take you seriously.

I hope this article is a great help you to understand the fees related with a financial advisor, financial experts or investment advisor also these terms are used many times in this article at the various point, but the title does not specifies clearly what services you will get from the particular title that someone is having.

You should take the initiative and ask these experts about the services they are providing and before hiring these experts this will help you to reach out your desired financial goals and purpose.

Clear everything before hiring a financial advisor and have a proper understanding of the services they provided also mention your objective to them clearly so that they can make an effective investment plan for you.


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